Lots of folks talk about bundling these days. But, what does it mean and is it worth it? Sometimes, bundling is meant to get you to buy something you weren't shopping for. Many times that's not such a great deal since you might not actually like the Thai curry flavored potato chips that came along with your tortilla chips. When it comes to insurance, however, bundling auto and homeowners policies with the same company might be worth it. Here are some of the potential benefits to bundling insurance policies:

Save Money… and Time

Consumers like saving money and insurance companies like providing more products to their clients. So, carriers often provide incentives for customers who bundle. In some cases, the more products you bundle, the more discounts you get.
According to Nasdaq, some insurance providers offer discounts of up to 25% when bundling several policies, and may also benefit from reduced deductibles.
Don't assume that bundles are always the better deal. It still pays to compare prices, bundled and unbundled.


Another aspect to consider is convenience. Having all your policies in one place not only reduces the amount of paperwork and simplifies the overall process. Everything stays in one place and renewing your policy becomes easier.
Insurance companies also like it when policyholders choose to bundle their services because it allows them to get to know their clients better and understand each household's unique situation.
Customers reward companies who make their lives easier. A study conducted by J.D. Power determined that 46% of bundle clients renew their policies vs. only 28% of those who don’t bundle.

The Downside of Bundling

Some companies give you fewer options when you bundle. Be sure you're getting exactly what you want in your package deal.
Convenience may also lead to complacency. Bundling doesn't mean you're stuck. It pays to make sure you have the best solution for you, especially after the honeymoon is over.

What Insurance can you Bundle?

The most common bundling includes auto and homeowner’s coverage, but this is not the only option. Insurance companies offer other bundles such as:
  • Auto, renter’s, and life insurance
  • Auto, homeowner’s, and life insurance
  • Auto and business insurance
Before you settle for one option, speak with an expert at Armstrong Insurance and discuss the benefits of bundling. Don’t look at the savings alone, but take the coverage options into consideration. Will your car or home have adequate protection when bundling policies, for example?
Call an Armstrong Insurance agent today and let them help you save on your auto and home insurance.