Armstrong Insurance agents are encouraged to run their agencies in a way in which those at the top share the fruits of success with the rank and file. As a whole, we should care about our employee's well-being. 

Beyond salary and perks, training and career development opportunities, health care, retirement plans and other factors should be looked at when considering the factors for our success. Vacation days and parental leave should be actively encouraged as we believe that they provide greater benefits for our staff, company and ultimately our clients. What is good for our staff is good for Armstrong Insurance.

By better rewarding our workforce in multiple ways, we believe that they will not only be happier in our offices but also that their production will be higher. We have seen it happen over and over again. Being a success story should not only be limited by how much money one makes but also by the impact we can have in a person's life. Armstrong Insurance understands this concept and is constantly looking for newer and exciting ways in which to reward its workforce and communities in which we operate.