It’s a stormy night. A sudden gust of wind knocks off a dead tree. You left your vehicle parked outside. You wake up to a smashed car. And, now, you may be wondering, does my auto insurance cover tree damage?

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, this is something that happens more often than not. And the answer to whether your auto insurance will cover such damage is… It depends. It mostly depends on the type of auto insurance you have.

If you have the minimum auto insurance allowed by your state, then your policy most likely won’t cover the damage. Liability insurance normally does not include these types of acts, known as “act of God”.

In order to be covered by these types of events, you must purchase comprehensive auto coverage. This kind of policy will also cover your vehicle in the event of a crash due to a tree limb (or whole tree) falling while driving. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a tree anyway; your comprehensive coverage should cover any damage caused by an object.

What should you do after a tree damages your car?

After the initial shock of finding your vehicle crashed by a fallen tree, the first thing you need to do is document everything. Take photos of your damaged vehicle. Be sure the pictures are taken from different angles too.

Once everything is documented, it’s time to get in touch with your insurance company. Process a claim. 

If, however, you would rather file a claim over the phone, you may also do so by calling the claims Department of your insurance company. Once you speak to your agent, ask them what you could do to speed up the process and what they can do for you while your vehicle is being towed and repaired.

Normally, insurance companies recommend a shop to take your car to. When possible, follow their guidelines as this will help speed up the process and repair your car faster.

To avoid having this type of incident, it’s always advisable to park your vehicle in your garage or a covered parking space. If that is not possible and you must do so in the street, then we recommend getting comprehensive coverage to avoid getting stuck with a problem that otherwise could have easily been solved.

If you don’t have comprehensive insurance, our friendly agents will be glad to assist you. We offer competitive rates that adjust to your needs and budget. Call your Armstrong Insurance agent today.